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Letter from Laura Bush about "The Making of George Washington"...

Back on 18 February, my friend of 25 years and counselor at law David Nolan who lives on Little Hunting Creek on the old Muddy Hole Farm lands near Mount Vernon Estate where a month before we worked together on a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States supreme Court to help a widowed woman wrongly terminated from her job at the Library of Congress, Nolan told me that President and Mrs. Bush were going to be at Mount Vernon Estate the next day to dedicate a wreath to honor George Washington on his federal holiday, (NOT a generic "Presidents' Day", see more below...), a visit of homage that every President except Clinton had done according to the Preface (page xiv) of the new 2007 book "George Washington's Leadership Lessons" by the Executive Director of Mount Vernon James C. Rees and his co-author Stephen Spignesi.

While I was first in line there at Mount Vernon, thus, up before dawn like George Washington did daily to pray to Our Father who art in Heaven, early in the morning traveling to arrive well before the event time, and was able to take some "vertigo video" of the event from afar, (click on words before for link) or go to, I was not able to get close to President Bush to give him "The Making of George Washington" book as I was able to be close on 29 September a.d. 2006 at the speech to the Reserve Officers' Association and other Veterans groups that the President gave where I was able to take a photo of "George W." shaking hands with Air Force Major Sherri Hemby (click on words before for link) just before he reached out to me to shake my hand.

At the Press Conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair on 18 May, President Bush said he had read several books on George Washington in the previous year, and it is my prayer that the President and the First Lady both will make time to read this outstanding book by Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Brigadier General William H. Wilbur, USA (ret.).

In several places, including the famous Rules of Civility, in a prayer book, and in the tradition of the Roman Republic (not Empire), the importance of marriage is uplifted. An especially poignant chapter is 18 "A Boy Communes With His Father", Augustine, or Gus, who had died leaving young George with three books guiding his son in prayer -- a priceless inheritance!

Washington's "home school" education included learning from cultures all around the world including Persia (modern day Iran) where the Persian king Cyrus is described in Chapter 29 "The Making of Cyrus the Great".

After delays including an injury from a fall when a ladder broke while fixing the roof of "The Washington Little White House" in Arlington required a visit to George Washington University Emergency Room on 21 March, a little while later, on 2 April, the "Aide to GW" tried to deliver this book and the briefly described packet of associated papers to the First Lady through the New Executive Office Building where the Administrative Office of The White House is located, in part because along with the Library of Congress Mrs. Bush sponsors the National Book Festival each fall as she did the Texas Book Festival in Austin when she was the First Lady of Texas.

However, since the Terrorist attacks of 9-11, The White House no longer accepts hand deliveries. So on 16 April anno domini 2007, as the "Aide to GW", this book and packet was finally mailed to First Lady Mrs. George W. (Laura) Bush an "inscribed" copy of the outstanding book by Congressional Medal of Honor winner Brigadier General William Hale Wilbur, United States Army (retired) [deceased in a.d. 1979] recently re-printed by Patriotic Education Incorporated, a fine organization that publishes books of great value and conducts Youth Leadership Conferences.

On 9 May, The First Lady sent her very kind reply that was received on Tuesday, 15 May across the Potomac River at the "Washington Little White House" in Arlington.

(Notice the flag over the entrance way, that is the Washington Cruisers Flag, the true First Navy Flag, also known as the Liberty Tree Flag, that proudly prays the motto:
"Appeal To Heaven".
For more information on this First Navy Flag go to:

Inscribed Dedication on Title Page:

Dedicated to "President George W."
on George Washington's Birthday Holiday

in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2007
whereupon President George W. Bush
laid a wreath at the place where
President George Washington rests
under the inscription of St. John 11:25,26

May God bless you and your family, and
May America bless God!
/s/ James Renwick Manship
"Aide to GW"
19 Feb A.D. 2007

The photograph below showing BGEN Wilbur receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with General George Catlett Marshall, and General George S. Patton looking on suggests the very special individual, with very special insights, that are contained in the book sent to the First Lady and Dedicated to "President George W." by the author of "The Making of George Washington", William Hale Wilbur.

To purchase this excellent patriotic book, quantities from One to One Hundred, go to the link below at :

The George Washington image below is on the front cover of the copy of "this Constitution for the United States of America" that was included in the packet of information provided to First Lady Laura Bush on 16 April in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2007.

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